1 . Health & Fitness: Carviovascular workout! Muscle lengthening! Toned abdominals! The movements in the dance are designed to strengthen the muscles and increase flexibility. It was also used in ancient times to aid in birthing and fertility. The best part of dancing is it works for young and old alike. It is low impact and easy on the joints.

2 . Sensuality: Belly dancing’s alluring movements will bring you in touch with muscles you never knew you had. Sensuality is simply feeling comfortable with your body. Learning the dance will cause you to discover your body and stretch its capabilities.

3 . Spirituality: What is more spiritual than connecting with your physical self and the earth beneath your feet? Dancing is an exercise that provides deep relaxation for the mind and body, placing you in the right state of mind to explore your spirituality and place in the world.

4 . Fun: Studying a new art form is always interesting but shaking your hips and twirling your veilis nothing short of sheer fun! It may be some time before you seriously increase your skill level, but rest assured, your first few lessons will be filled with laughter.

5 . Creativity: While there are specific moves in the dance, there is plenty of room for a dancer to express her personal style. Unlike other dance forms such as ballet, there is no rigid structure. Belly dancing is a unique dance form because you are truly free to express and create!

6 . Self-confidence: Pushing the limits of what is comfortable and diving in to a new activity builds self-confidence. You will leave class feeling like a million bucks. You’ll realize you can cross boundaries and there is nothing that can’t be tackled and accomplished.

7 . Better posture: The inherent movement and breathing techniques in the dance will have you standing taller than ever. Have you always wanted an extra inch in height? Put away those high heels and dance, dance, dance.

8 . Stress reduction: Pouring mental energy into this ancient dance form makes daily troubles seem miles away. You will leave class feeling energized, refreshed and ready to take on the world.  The best part? You can achieve this same feeling of serenity by practicing at home.

9 . Grace: Feel like an octopus on the dance floor? Belly dancing’s fluid dramatic movements will have you feeling like a swan before long.

1 0 .History: Belly dancing’s origins are unknown, but the dance is one of the oldest forms around (drawings found in caves 20,000 yrs old). Did you know the term “belly dancing” is a western invention and the correct name is Raqs Sharqi, which means oriental dance.

Belly dance is fabulous exercise as it strengthens the core, increases cardio and re-awakens your goddess.  There is no age or size limit.  In fact, it’s a great way to have fun and gain confidence.  The movements focus on specific isolations. Once the basic moves are mastered the creativity belly dancing offers is infinite. Not only is it a great workout, you can dress up, feel glamorous and socialize with other women too. The rhythms and exotic music transform you to another time.

A Reiki and Ra-Sheeba Master, I combine my insight of energy and chakras into your classes to help you energize and rediscover your sensuality and grace. This ancient dance developed for women will leave you feeling radiant.

Come experience belly dancing and let me share my passion with you.  It is empowering and to see women blossom under its spell is divine. Namaste